Abe Yepez has been a dedicated musician and artist since early. Composing, Playing and Experimenting with fresh sounds and new technology, have always been a part of his life. Some Great Studios have been interested in him as a composer and music producer, because of his creativity and mind expanding pursue in life, adding a particular touch inside his music. 

Guitar Player, Synth Lover and Technology Freak.  He is always looking for the latest trend regarding sound design and music creating per se.  A great love for Jazz, Orchestral Music and also Electronic Music, has been key towards a unique style and sound. 

Abe Yepez is Focused in Film Scoring and music Production for TV Series and Advertising.  He has produced music for films  “Al Otro Lado” by GustavoLoza. The movie was awarded 5 Diosas de Plata including Best Music and selected by the "Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences" as the Official Entry for Mexico in the 78th Annual Academy Awards in the Foreign Language Film category.   Currently he's been working as music composer and producer for the last Feature Film with the late David Carradine with Evan Evans (Bill Evans son) at LA.

Abe has produced a great deal of music for the advertising industry, and recently started a new Experimental House Music project called “YEPEZ”...


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Music is unique, as we all are...